Water Treatment Process Scheme

Water Treatment Process Scheme

Water treatment process scheme is a system that needs to be done in order to produce higher quality water and is also suitable for various needs, even suitable for daily consumption as drinking water for families.

This one water treatment process scheme aims to reduce and minimize the content or substances in the water that are not good for health. Water treatment is also needed to improve water quality so that it is more suitable for use in various life activities.

Usually, water treatment process scheme is carried out by treating raw water that comes from ground water, river water or mountain water to the maximum so that it produces quality water and meets the standards for consumption as drinking water at home.

To produce standard quality water, it takes various stages or schemes of Water treatment process scheme that are good and right. Various tools and equipment used must also be effective for treating water optimally so that the quality of the water produced is in accordance with the requirements and requirements for your drinking water.

Here in the water treatment process scheme you should know about, including:

  1. The process of collecting water into a tub to measure the capacity of the water to be treated.
  2. The process of oxidation and coagulation carried out from the storage tank to the last shelter.
  3. Sedimentation process to precipitate and remove oxidized or coagulated metal impurities while separating rather clean water from the sediment using a clarifier.
  4. Sand filter process to filter out pollutants and metals from the previous process.
  5. Green sand filter process to remove chemicals and heavy metal content in water.
  6. Carbon filter process to eliminate unpleasant odors.
  7. Sterilization process to reduce bacteria and sterilize water to be ready for use.
Water treatment process scheme

Those are some of the stages or water treatment process schemes that must be carried out in producing sterile and quality clean water. In conclusion, the water treatment process is carried out to reduce chemicals, metal content, odor and bacteria contained in the water. The better the water treatment process is carried out, the better the quality of the water produced.