Water Treatment Container

containerized water treatment systems

Water Treatment Container

The Concept Water Treatment Container

containerized water treatment systems of several treatment steps, e.g. sand filter, multimedia filter, carbon filter, water softener, and demineralization – all controlled from a central control cabinet. These units must be put together on site. If the end-user or the contractor is uncertain if the installation are often administered locally within the determined economic and temporal scopes, it are often a plus to order a water treatment plant (container or frame-mounted) which is prepared to be used when supplied. The water treatment container is complete with all internal piping and wiring factory-built. The water treatment container has been performance and pressure tested in our factory. This safety are often achieved with a Frame-mounted plant or a container-installed plant. With a container, you furthermore may have the advantage that the container itseslf is an actual building which during this way are often overlooked within the project. The containers are often delivered with and without insulation and may be equipped with lighting, air-conditioning, door-in-door, emergency shower, etc. We have constructed many various custom-made plants adapted to specific demands and needs . Below, you can see different examples of this. We are happy to form quotations for start-up of plants and training of the operating crew.

Mobile or semi-permanent water treatment in container

Water purification during a container is beneficial if you would like a fast and hassle-free start with mobile water treatment. Whether it’s sand filtration, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration or other techniques, Logisticon supplies all possible purification made to order. They may even be integrated during a fully equipped mobile, compact container. Ideal for mobile water treatment that must be mobile or outside, as a short lived or permanent solution with adequate protection against the weather.

Water Treatment Container

Plug and playntainer

Our water treatment container are plug and play all the equipment be installed and connected, wired and tested in our workshop. Transportation is straightforward and our employees simply have to be compelled to connect a single inlet and outlet pipe and electrical supply at the treatment site. This provides a fast solution and minimal impact on other operations.

Water Treatment Container

Design & Build options

Water treatment Container are available in various sizes such as 8, 10, 20, 30, 40 or 45 ft. in a standard or high-cube version. The water treatment container comes complete with a steel barrel door, lighting, heating, ventilation, safety equipment and a worksheet. The walls and roof are reinforced, coated and finished with a chemical resistant surface. The floor is waterproof and fitted with aluminium cladding and structural reinforcements are inbuilt .

Water Treatment Container

Design and Construction

We are pleased to inform you of the simplest purification technology and integration thereof in the container. If necessary, we can include double floors, access stairs, support trays, stripping towers, windows or reinforced floors. We invite you to determine your specific requirements and we will make an appropriate design. During the development and testing phase, you are welcomed in our factory.

Water Treatment Container

Container Equipment

We can make our systems in install (20 or 40 ft) container. Container includes all piping and fittings connected, all cables and wires connected to instrument and control cabinet. This is a “plug and play” unit supply.

The container are going to be mounted with one side entrance , one inlet/oulet (terminal point), one roof hatch, one side entrance and floor drainage. A sun roof are often offered for the asking to limit the within temperature within the container if extreme conditions need to be considered.

The container can be air cooled on request. The AC may be a split-unit and therefore the outdoor part are going to be placed next to the container. Each plant is fully 3D-design prior to construction.

Chemcial room separated from main equipment room The design of the water treatment plants is usually custom made and is subject to modifications counting on the water quality. Reverse Osmosis units often required pre-treatment for the subsequent parameters:

  • Suspended solids
  • TOC, COD/BOD, hydrocarbons
  • Iron and manganese
  • Hardness

TWA provides all types of pre-treatment required before your RO, consistent with your water analysis and process requirements.