Wastewater Solutions

Wastewater Solutions

Facilities across the globe rely on biological effluent treatment products to run efficient, cost-effective and simplified operations.

Harnessing the power of nature with biological wastewater treatment products

Biological waste water treatment product contains specially selected strains of beneficial microorganisms in the form of a powerful and high quality.

Traditionally, biological effluent treatment products have been used to reduce effluent COD (chemical oxygen demand) and eliminate certain pollutants such as phenols, hydrocarbons, and ammonia from effluent .

However, they also can improve system efficiency by shortening the start-up time for new plants and by reducing operation under harsh environmental conditions such as cold temperatures.

Furthermore, odor control negative impacts of effluent treatment odors. Biological effluent treatment products increase the efficiency of effluent treatment systems and lower the cost of treatment.

Biological wastewater treatment products for many wastewater treatment industries

With tightening regulations, increasing operating costs, and limited access to capital, effluent plants are looking for innovative solutions to improve treatment efficiency, lower costs, and simplify operations.
From lowering COD in the effluent, to controlling filamentous bulking, we has developed a range of biological wastewater treatment products designed specifically for a variety of industries to improve WWTP solutions.

Biological wastewater treatment products for many core treatment applications

Biological waste water treatment products and traditional technologies for waste dosmestik and industrial applications offer many advantages. In the secondary wastewater treatment plant system has been used for years because of its effectiveness in degrading organic.

Wastewater treatment plant can increase the biomass-core of the treatment process and make it work better, the technology is easy sangant in oprasikan. we offer an effective treatment without the associated capital investment expansion and equipment solutions.

We also offer products with a biological Wastewater treatment plant applications including strengthening of biomass, solid management, biology aids, and odor control to improve wastewater treatment solutions.

We work with customers to evaluate the specific application requirements. After thoroughly evaluating the operating conditions and diagnose microbial populations using sophisticated analytical techniques, recommendations were made for the optimal solution. Contact us to discuss your specific situation & wastewater solutions

Wastewater Solutions