Service and maintenance : CIP for RO systems

Service and maintenance : CIP for RO systems

Reverse osmosis membrane technology for industrial applications
​To maintain maximum performance from a reverse osmosis (RO) or ultrafiltration (UF) system, the membranes must be chemically cleaned periodically.

Our TWA reverse osmosis clean-in-place systems are designed specifically to conduct the cleaning process efficiently, reliably and safely. With simple utility connections and easy to set up controls, the reverse osmosis clean-in-place system is ready for quick on-line service.


The Vantage reverse osmosis clean-in-place systems are skid-mounted, factory assembled, tested and field-ready, and offer a convenient and economical way to maximize your reverse osmosis (RO) investment: Frame construction provides maximum support and protection of system components, while allowing easy access for service, maintenance and monitoring system performance Models CIP 30 and CIP 60 provided on wheels to easily service multiple RO systems or for easy storage when not in use Rugged and corrosion-resistant construction that withstands cleaning chemicals and repeated use in harsh environments ​


TWA offers two lines of reverse osmosis clean-in-place systems for many different reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration systems. Both of these lines are pre-assembled, pre-wired and hydrostatically tested at the factory which minimizes installation and start-up costs. CIP Series – general duty, commercial and industrial applications.

CIP Series – heavy duty, industrial and large system applications.