Pretreatment Process

Pretreatment Process

Pretreatment ProcessOnce used by industry, the wastewater produced by it should not be directly disposed of immediately. The waste must be processed first to be feasible to be returned to the environment, in order to keep the surrounding environment healthy. In the process for liquid waste processing, there are 3 processes that must be followed, namely pre-treatment, primary treatment, and the last is post-treatment.

For pre-treatment itself, basically intended for the wastewater is ready for further processing. That means all elements that are likely to damage and reduce water quality must be removed first. As the initial part of the waste treatment process, pre-treatment is faced with water that is really dirty and has a lot of impurity in it.

Wastewater treatment at the pre-treatment stage consists of:


Large material allowance, such as plastics, wood, and leaves) so that the material will not damage the pipes, pumps, and other equipment. Usually in an installation there are 2 pieces of screening so that it can be used alternately if one cleaned / repaired.


In order to avoid any fluctuations in the waste water discharges to be processed, a reservoir tank is provided for the screened waste before it goes to the next process.


Reduce pollutant particles in wastewater that enter in the next processing system.

Only after wastewater has been processed in this process, pretreatment process to primary treatment.