Water treatment equipment service – This comprehensive service & Consumables Ensures that water treatment plants are operating optimally with fully maintained equipment. Services include contracts with on-site preventive and responsive maintenance; and technical support. By offering this professional maintenance service, TWA Water Solutions is instrumental in aiding plants to operate efficiently with minimal downtime and maximum cost savings through the supply of: Water treatment equipment service

Sand, gravel and other filtration media

Ion exchange resin, including Softening Resins

Activated carbon

Reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes and spares


Rapide demineralisation units

Standard membrane

Our Service, Part and Consumables Range Cover

Chemicals – our own range of specifically formulated chemicals for membrane cleaning and water treatment system optimisation

Membranes – for reverse osmosis, nano, ultra and micro filtration and ceramic from the world’s leading manufacturers

Instruments & analysers – high quality inline, online and hand held analysers

Dosing pumps – chemical resistant, durable and reliable in either fixed or variable speed

Filter media – activated carbon, softener resin, anion and cation exchange resins, sands and gravels for multi-media filters

Cartridge filters & media housings – spiral wound and poly spun for many filter configurations

Ozone – generators, destructors and measuring equipment

Pilot units

When pilot testing is required, we can rent our existing pilot or build one that suits your project specification. Pilot tests are started by TWA technician and supervise from our main office.


We can operate maintenance task on any water treatment technology within our scope of supply. You can also contact us for maintenance on your old equipment
Membranes | CIP systems | ClO2 dosing systems | Ion exchange | Softeners | Ozone systems | UV systems

We supervise installation and commission every single unit we provide, on client’s request. Technician and / or engineers can be sent all over the world to set up your installation

TWA specialized engineers provide on-site consulting, carry out on-site analysis and field test on demand, anywhere in the Indonesia

TWA specialized technician or engineers provide technical training or general courses, in our facilities or in the field.