Process Design

Process Design

The selection of a process design partner is more important, and complex, than ever. Clients look for the ideal mix of contemporary thinking and a proven track record. When experience matters, TWA can show knowledge of all conventional treatment processes. At the same time, we’re industry leaders in advanced treatment technologies. That’s a blend that gives our clients confidence.

Our expertise covers the entire design spectrum for reliable solutions in water treatment and wastewater treatment. That expertise, along with our global reach, means we’re able to help you meet all current and potential drinking water regulations and water quality standards.

We conducted a study of comparative and pilot-plant and full-scale implementation of the technology processes. Our work applies to both new facilities and existing facilities. TWA studies may range far beyond the typical treatment. This can include a set of treatment goals to help secure potential sources of funding.

Water Treatment

Our project history includes experience in all aspects of water treatment. TWA has successfully developed treatment schemes for facilities of all sizes, from conceptual ideas to full-scale implementation of patentable processes. With source water quality degrading and regulations tightening, we have employed nearly all physical, chemical, and biological treatment options for potable systems and indirect potable reuse.

Our expertise includes:

Conventional treatment
High rate sedimentation
Dissolved air flotation
Deep bed filtration
Ultraviolet disinfection
Advanced oxidation
Biological filtration
Granular activated carbon adsorption
Ion exchange
Membrane filtration
Air stripping
Desalination/brine treatment

Wastewater Treatment

In wastewater treatment, TWA has researched and evaluated treatment technologies in all types of climates and weather conditions. We’ve provided design for primary, secondary and tertiary treatment. Our experience includes:

  • Chemically enhanced primary treatment
  • Ozonation
  • Ultraviolet disinfection
  • Aerobic and anaerobic digestion
  • Nutrient removal
  • Odor/air emissions control
  • Biological aerated filters
  • Membrane bioreactors
  • Moving bed biofilmreactors
  • Integrated fixed-film activated sludge