Our Business

Our Business

We are PT TIRTA WAHANA ABADI is a company engaged in the field of water treatment and liquid waste. Our vision and mission are to be the best company in this field and to offer services and services, from system to installation to all related to Water and Wastewater Treatment.

With the combination of the latest technology and modern knowledge in design and water and waste treatment systems, we will provide you with the right solutions for clean water processing and installation for all industry sectors as well as households.

Through our experienced and professional technicians, PT TIRTA WAHANA ABADI provides services and consultancy on water and wastewater treatment for automotive, food and beverage, general manufacturing, pharmaceutical, mining, and other industries.

In addition to water and wastewater treatment solutions, PT TIRTA WAHANA ABADI also provides a system for Reverse Osmosis in seawater desalination process, providing disinfecting using technologies such as ozonization and ultraviolet rays, as well as providing spare parts for those wishing to build water treatment installations, such as membranes for RO and UF, silica sand, activated carbon, cation resin, etc.

PT TIRTA WAHANA ABADI also provides services for the construction, design, operational, repair and maintenance of your existing water treatment system from water filters, softener, dosing pump and ion exchange.