• Automotive

Water treatment isn’t only required for is not like drinkable. In several industrial sectors, smart water management and the process is extremely vital in order that production continues to run swimmingly and in accordance with the standards that have prevailed during this country. One such trade is that the automotive trade.

In the automotive trade, massive amounts of water area unit used daily. The water is principally used for vehicle producing processes, like cleansing the surface of an automobile or motorcycle that’s made from excessive oil or lubricating substance, for paint materials, cooling the engine, creating the cooling system within the vehicle, and additional heating.

In addition, water treatment is required within the method of treating waste that may be made by the trade, thus it’s safe to come back to nature. Even higher if the trade recycles the hot-water tank, creating it additional environmentally friendly.

Those of you who are engaged in the automotive industry will need a water treatment installation that is able to do the following activities:

  • Eliminating and separating paint, heavy metals, coolant, phosphate, and other pollutants from liquid waste after being used for production, producing wastewater that is more in line with government regulations on the environment.
  • Able to do water softening, purify water, and also the ionization process so that it can be used for cleaning the product.
  • A solution for the process of drying or controlling water (dewatering) so as not to hamper production.
  • Supports vehicle manufacturing processes, for surface treatment to manufacture tires, including cooling systems.
  • Useful as a coolant to cool the welding process, clean the steel, and also test.

We as a water treatment service provider offer solutions for those of you in the automotive field, with the following advantages:

  • Operational prices are more efficient because the equipment is more efficient.
  • Making a system that is anti-rust, so it can be used in a much longer time.
    Optimalkan Optimizing the use of chemicals in production, while also helping to reduce hazardous waste.
  • Providing facilities to recycle wastewater for reuse.