Demineralization Water Process

demineralization  was the first technology employed to fully Demineralization water. While reverse osmosis (RO) is a cost effective alternative for water Demineralization, should be considered whenever:

  • TDS < 200 mg/l
  • Silica specifications are low

From its inception, hundreds of different resins and system designs have been developed. Consult your Technical Representative when making decisions about Demineralization technology, system design and product selection. Technical information on, including Basics, system design, operating practices, maintenance and troubleshooting can be found in the Ion Exchange section of the Resource Finder.

Water & Process Solutions offers the widest range of resins for the demineralisation of water. This is a list of the resins recommended for standard water purification. For more effective water purification processes that can be used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, electronics and institutions such as hospitals and public places, ordinary water treatment technologies are not always enough. You will need an advanced process called demineralisation .

This process is a process of water treatment by conducting ion exchange using cation and anion resin, so that ions containing other minerals besides water molecules can be separated, leaving very pure water. In this Demineralizer process, there are two types of columns for commonly used resins, with their respective advantages. Here’s a brief explanation:

Mixed Bed Polisher

Multi-stage demineralisation

It is a demineralisation process in which water will first pass through a column containing a cation resin that will bind positive ions, which is then followed by anion resin columns to bind the remaining negative ions. This system is very profitable if in raw water there is a strong anion such as sulfate and chlorite.

MixedBed Polisher

Mixed Bed demineralisation

It is an ion-exchange process of anion and cation which is more compact, with both resins inserted in one column at a time for each stage. The result is a very clear, pure, and concise water. It is suitable for industries such as electronics and factories using high pressure boilers.

We provide installation of Demineralization at an affordable price, with compact equipment and does not require much space, as well as services for regular maintenance.

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