Activated Carbon Filters

Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon water filtration systems are skid-mounted, factory assembled, wired, and hydro-tested. Carbon sinks are delivered ready for installation. Gauges, meters and valves supplied for our activated carbon absorber.

We are also manufacturers of various deionizers, demineralizers, and dealkalizers with a small capacity for recidential and industry Carbon Filter Where a carbon adsorber size requires on-site installation, the entire system is pre-assembled and tested at the factory to assure proper fit-up, performance and carbon adsorption. The carbon adsorber filter system is then shipped in pre-assembled modules to reduce the time required for on-site installation. 

You’re not limited to a fixed number of standard filter systems. If your application requires special sizing and/or features, our engineers will design a custom activated carbon water filtration system to your specifications. Backwash valves with automatic or manual operation can be performed. Backwash goal to maintain aktive carbon to prevent rapid saturation Detention time and quantity of carbon are also tailored to your specific requirements.

Sizing is determined by: the flow to be treated, the contaminants) to be removed, their concentration, and the desired length of run time between carbon change-outs. Everfilt applications engineers discuss your requirements with you and recommend the most effective configuration. Multi-media pre-filters and disinfection modules are available for integration with your carbon system.

Design Features of Activated Carbon Adsorbers:

Sand Filter
    1. Adsorbents from 12 in. to 12 ft OD.
    2. Single or multiple carbon adsorber systems
    3. In series or in parallel operation
    4. Automatic or manual valves
    5. ASME code or non-code vessels
    6. Carbon steel or stainless steel construction